Interparking in Europe

For over 58 years, Interparking has been building and maintaining high quality car parks in Europe. Founded in Belgium, Interparking today has more than 735 parkings all over the continent that visited by 93 million clients per year.

As of 2015, Interparking has car parks in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Poland and Romania. We also operate more than 400 car parks in Germany and Austria under the brand Contipark.

Overall, our car parks in Europe generate over €393 million in turnover. We’re constantly reinvesting profits to give our customers a better car parking experience and improve environmental awareness.


                    Key areas for Interparking car parks

We know how important convenient car parking spaces are to our customers. Our car parks in Europe can be found in an array of key locations, including in:

      • City centres
      • Hospitals
      • Major business and shopping areas
      • Tourist sights
      • Railway stations and airports
      • On-street car parking spaces


Overall, we employ 2,282 people in Europe across 344 cities.*

*All figures are as of 31/12/2015

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