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A free credit of 15€ when parking with the Pcard+ for your vaccination in the SkyHall

A free credit of 15€ when parking with the Pcard+ for your vaccination in the SkyHall

Residents of Zaventem, Wezembeek-Oppem and Kraainem who get their vaccinations in the coming months in the SkyHall and come by car to Brussels Airport will benefit from a special parking tariff. This parking tariff will be fixed at 3 euro instead of 8 euro for customers who enter the parking with a ticket as well as for the Pcard+ holder. According to Mayor Ingrid Holemans, Interparking, the operator of the parking lots, is making a gesture with this.


In addition, a special action will be elaborated for every Pcard+ holder. This Pcard+ holder will receive a parking credit of €15. With this action the Pcard+ holder still gets a credit of €12, even when the second vaccination shot is administered. This credit is valid in the Interparking network in Belgium. If you are not yet in possession of a Pcard+, you can apply for one online and free of charge via the following links: or Moreover, the Pcard+ can be linked to the license plate, allowing you to drive in and out of the parking without any physical contact.

To enjoy this credit, you only need to use your Pcard+ at the entrance to the P2 Economy car park, and then scan the Pcard+ at the validator provided in the Skyhall. When you leave the car park, the credit will automatically be credited to your Pcard+.



Those who drive into the car park and take a parking ticket can also enjoy a large discount. To obtain this discount, the visitor will be able to validate the ticket at the Skyhall vaccination center. After the vaccination and validation, he or she will pass the ticket along the payment machine in the car park, where the price will automatically be 3 euros.

This 3 euro ticket rate corresponds to a discount of more than 60% on the normal hourly rate. With this reduced rate, Interparking only charges the operating costs of this car park. The car park operator is investing in extra staff, a separate parking zone for the Skyhall and extra maintenance will be organized. Interparking also provides special signage and takes care of the start-up of the technical installations.

Volunteers who are deployed in the vaccination center will not have to pay for parking. "For them, the municipality will make a contribution".

All concerned residents will soon receive a bundle in the mailbox explaining how the center works.



About Interparking

Interparking has been a leading operator of parking facilities in Europe for 60 years. Today, the operator manages some 950 locations in 9 European countries: Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Austria, Italy and Romania. This represents 415,000 parking spaces and 704 charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles. The group has more than 2,500 employees.

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