Charging Station

Interparking electrifies its parking and equip them with charging stations. Do you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle?

Charging stations

Bornes de recharge

Interparking electrifies its parking and equip them with charging stations. Do you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle?

You know that regularly charging your batteries makes your approach to mobility easier. Even if their success remains discreet in our country, EV vehicles are getting more and more popular: in the last two years, the amount of dedicated charging sessions in our car parks have been multiplied by three!

At Interparking, we understand that the parking time of your car can be used to recharge its batteries. That's why we equip our car parks with charging stations. Today, no less than 200 charging stations are available in our car parks in Belgium.

How to charge your electric or hybrid car at Interparking ?

Since the 1st of February 2019, all customers who charge their car in our car parks benefit from the same price: 1 cent per minute of charging, with a maximum of 5 euros for 24 hours. After 24 hours of charging, the rate per minute restarts.

Two solutions are available to you:

- The simplest solution: use your Pcard +. Your consumption will be reflected in your monthly bill, just as it is already the case for your parking hours or the cleaning of your vehicle in our car parks or with our partners.

- Our charging stations are compatible with all EV subscription cards currently available in Belgium: Blue Corner, EZ Box, etc. Do you already have a card of this type? You can use it with the Interparking charging station. Your consumption will then be charged on your supplier's bill.

Where to find parkings equipped with charging stations ?

Visit our website  www.interparking.beThe description of each car park tells you if it has its own charging stations. Inside our car parks, the parking spaces dedicated to electric vehicles are clearly identified with their own green color code.

In the future, Interparking will continue to develop its network of charging stations. To best meet the demand, we analyze statistics based on Big Data technologies and identify cities with the largest number of electric vehicles.

A trip to Antwerp?

Discover our new charging zone for electric cars, clearly identifiable by their green color code and green LED lighting. An example ? At the Horta car park, 8 poles are dedicated to electric and hybrid cars.

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